"I work at a shop spending the majority of my time doing performance upgrades and maintenance on B5 S4s and other 2.7t powered vehicles. Torque Factory has been a great partner in helping keep these cars on the road, and making good power if our clients want to push them. Their selection of various parts has been valuable from a maintenance perspective. The performance parts are where Torque Factory really shines. I’ve installed multiple of the Torque Factory Y Pipe and turbo inlet kits now. Along the way, Torque Factory was there to quickly answer any questions I had. They are consistently looking for new ways to help the 2.7t platform perform."

- Robert P.


"The guys at Torque Factory have been great helping me along with my build. I’ve reached out multiple times with stupid little questions and Brent always gets back to me and helps without treating me like the idiot I am lol. They ship fast and their parts are always really great quality. It’s awesome that a company is still making things for the B5 platform as high quality as theirs. I can’t wait to bug them some more on the next revision on my build."

- Travis K.


"I purchased a complete Y-pipe and intake setup from the Torque Factory.  The whole setup is massive compared to other options available for the 2.7T platform  and is of the highest quality.  I really like that I can retain the factory front engine cover.   Lastly, customer support has been top-notch!  Brent has always been available to answer questions and has always been super helpful."

- John C.