• Will your Y-Pipe kit work if I keep my existing RS4 style lower inlets? 
    • Absolutely! We sell the necessary couplers to connect our 3" uppers directly to your existing lower inlets. We have the adapter couplers.  No engine pull or major service required. 
    • Our large 2.5" lower inlets can always be added when servicing the engine.
  • Your intake has an open element filter and can suck in air from the engine compartment. Will this affect my intake air temps (IAT's) or power?
    • The quick answer is NO.  If this were a non-turbocharged engine, a fresh air intake is helpful.  However, because this car is turbocharged, the air coming from the filter is super-heated as it enters and exits the turbocharger.  Close to 400 degrees Fahrenheit! Intercoolers are the primary source of cooling charge air (boost) so there is no measurable difference in power level.  
  • I have Tial 605 or 770 turbos, can I use your inlets? 
    • Our upper inlets will work but the Tial inlets need to be trimmed back or make custom lower inlets. Re-using your existing inlets is an easy option. Please contact us with additional questions.