Coming Soon

Torque-Factory Spec coil-over suspension system.  Inverted shocks for increased performance and easy dampening adjustments. (Shock adjustments can be made with your car on the ground!). No need to remove suspension for adjustments like most other systems.  Assembled and fully rebuildable shocks here in the US. 

Approximately 2-4 pounds lighter per corner than most systems on the market. And lighter than the Stasis/Ohlins kits. Top of the line Swift main and Hyperco helper springs.   728lb front (13k), and 784lb rear (14k) 

More shock travel (stroke) than almost all systems currently available. 30 levels of dampening adjustment. Single knob controls compression and rebound making these easy to adjust and a comfortable ride on the street. 

Able to dial in bump stop engagement (very helpful for low cars or certain track conditions).    

MSRP is $2199.  We are working on an introductory price and a possible group buy. First sets will be available to ship middle of May, 2024.  Accepting Pre-Orders now.